Liyana Benedict

Elevate your look with just a wink.

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Beyond the mascara: Transforming your lashes, transforming your confidence.

About the client

Liyana Benedict is the proud owner of a stunning beauty studio in Germany that specializes in providing exceptional eyelash extension and eyelash lift services to elevate her clients' lash game to new heights.

About the project

Liyana Benedict collaborated with me to create a comprehensive brand identity, which included a logo, stationery and a website to showcase her services and reflect her commitment to quality, resulting in a strong visual identity that resonates with her target audience.


Concept & Strategy Content Architecture Photography Curating Copywriting Translation Design Development

Ready for a glow-up yourself?

Liyana is an absolute sweet heart, and I'm forever grateful for our long-term partnership. Check out Liyana's website yourself and while you're at it, give her a follow on Instagram, will ya? :)
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Liyana Benedict

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