Florian Schluifer

Interior design on a whole different level.

Project Details

Creating a sustainable fundament for the designer's digital appearance.

About the client

Florian Schluifer is an architectural and sculptural designer from Austria who focuses on working with high quality glass and stone materials. In his studio, they craft unique interior design products and sculptures of all size, shape and form.

About the project

Collaborating with Florian, I designed a visually stunning portfolio that showcased his unique creations using high-quality materials, effectively capturing his talent and style in a minimalist web design approach.


Concept & Strategy Content Architecture Design Development Social Media Content Creation

Explore Florian's unique talent yourself.

Collaborating with such a talented and passionate individual as Florian has been an absolute joy. Special thanks to Thomas Plattner for his brilliant photography.
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Florian Schluifer

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