High end web design for startups and companies.

I help companies to find more customers and grow their business with high quality web design that's up to today's standards.
Web design example of a real estate company  in Germany

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Artist Website

Florian Schluifer

Florian Schluifer is an Interior Designer and Sculptural Artist from Austria. I was honored to visualize his unique experience in a creative web design.

Collection 2023

Some of my most recent personal side projects or smaller commissioned work.
Corporate Website

NK Recruitment

NKR is a newly founded recruitment agency from Germany. They are currently building a network to connect great companies with great people.

Web design that looks and feelslike a million bucks (but doesn't cost that much).

Meet the Designer

Hi, I'm Shelly, shifting pixels since 2010.

Design has been my daily mission ever since I was a teenager. More than 13 years back I had a photography blog which is how I first got in touch with creating a website.. and I loved it!
Portrait of Shelly, talented web designer with a focus on accessibility, usability, and responsive design.

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