Web designer based in germany

Designer with love for detail.

A structured designprocess, straightforwardcommunication and abunch of fun.

Hi, I'm Shelly :)

Portrait of Shelly, a web designer and developer, smiling and looking towards the side on a transparent background.

Fun at work?

Oh hell yes, absolutely! I'm a very easy going person that you can openly talk to - we'll have lots of fun exploring ideas and creating content for your website. At the same time, I won't forget the professional aspect of my service and always stick to my structured design process that'll ensure great results at all times.

Socialmedia stalkingencouraged.

Theperfect planisflexibletoadaptations.

Here's my design process

I don't just jump into designing a website. It's important to take some time to understand your current business situation and develop a plan for how your website can help you achieve your business growth goals. Thus I also study your competitors to see how we can make your website stand out.

Let's ensure that your content is relevant to your target audience. From headlines to copywriting, stock photography selection, and asset editing, I make sure everything is  perfectly prepared before implementing them into our design.

This is where our ideas come to life. We create a top-notch web design and a unique prototype that you can preview and give feedback on before we go live.

The technical part of the project. I use content management systems like WordPress or Webflow, or we can develop a custom solution through my network if needed.

If your business requires a custom solution, I will hand over the design to a dedicated developer from my network or to a developer team/agency of your choice.  I make sure the files are up to current standards so that my developer partners or your chosen developer can execute our vision flawlessly.

Finally, we showcase the final product either personally or in a video call and walk you through its features and functionality. We'll also give you a tutorial on how to use it and answer any questions you may have.

Let's get this party started, shall we?

Whether you're running an agency or your own business, I'm always open for collaboration requests. Just click the button below to get to the contact area.
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